Lakes of Killarney, Co. Kerry.
Lakes of Killarney
The Lakes of Killarney
The three lakes that make up the "Lakes of Killarney are situated within the Killarney National Park. An area littered with ruined castles and abbey it is the Lakes that hold the greatest attraction for visitors to this part of Ireland. The three lakes are:
  • Upper Lake
  • Muchross Lake
  • Lough Leane
The Lower Lake, Lough Lean covers nearly 8 square miles (20 square kilometres) and is nearest the town of Killarney, which makes an ideal base to explore the area. It is home to Ross Castle built around 1420 It is dated with uninhabited islands with boat trips running between Ross Castle and Innisfallen Island.
Muckross Abbey and Muckross House are found on the eastern shore of Muckross Lake, or Middle Lake, which has a surface area of about 1 square mile (2.7 square kilometres). with Torc Waterfall less than a mile from the shore. The Lower Lake is separated from the Middle Lake by the wooded peninsula of Muckross.
Last but not least the Upper Lake is about two-thirds the size of Muckross Lake and lies in a valley of sandstone mountains. it is above this lake that the famous Ladies' View can be seen.

This area is not to be savoured in a single day to fully appreciate all it has to offer, take a leaf from the Irish culture in general "What's the Rush
Seanic Beauty of the Lakes
Beauty of the Lakes

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