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Classic Whiskey Set This is the ultimate Presentation / Gift Set of 5 Classic Irish Whiskeys. It is presented complete with carved and polished wooden display stand.
Each set contains one each of the whiskeys listed below. Each bottle is 75cl in size. Available to special order only in very limited quantities

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Jameson 1780 Old Irish Whiskey
Introduced in the Mid 1980s as the companies premier brand, Jameson 1780 is a blended pot still/sherry infused whiskey. Although the label states 12-year-old the average age of the whiskeys is much older with some of them going as far back as 1976. Rarely found outside of Ireland.
Jameson 1780

10 Yearl Old Bushmills Malt Bushmills 10-Year-Old Single Malt
Bushmills 10-year-old was first offered for sale in Ireland but has now found considerable following throughout the UK. Introduced to the USA in 1993. The whiskeys used in the vatting of this single malt range from 10 to 12 years with the odd batch of 13 year-year-old being added for good measure.

Midleton very rare Irish Whiskey
A highly exclusive Irish whiskey Launched in 1984 with only between 600 and 1,200 cases sold each year. Each bottle is serial numbered and the "Owner" can sign his name against the serial number of his/her bottle in the register which records each bottle at the Old Distillery in Dublin . This fine whiskey although "Very Rare" can be found, with some searching, worldwide.
Midleton Very Rare

16 Year Old Bushmills Malt Bushmills 16-Year-Old Single Malt
A relatively "New" whiskey which is labeled as being "Matured in three woods" with no relation to golf save that you may find it at the 19th. The Three woods relates to the process by which the whiskey has been influenced by three different types of wood cask i.e.. Bourbon, Sherry and Port. This Bushmills whiskey may be found in specialist outlets in Ireland the UK and the US

Red Breast Pure Pot Still
One of the many Brand names under which Jameson whiskey was founded The present day Red Breast was relaunched by Irish Distillers as their all pot still whiskey made from whiskeys of 12-year-old and upwards This fine whiskeys is still hard to find either inside or outside of Ireland.
Redbreast Pure Pot Still

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