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Irish Whiskey Information. The following page covers (In no particular order) some of the commercially available and current Irish Whiskeys still being distilled and blended today. However the reader will unlikely have access to supplies of them all.
whilst these whiskeys are in production some are only available in specialist outlets or "Duty Free" Stores, whilst others are available for purchase directly from the distillery where it is made.
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Tullamore Due Irish Whiskey Tullamore Dew

Tullamore no longer exists as a distillery however its name lives on in this its most famous whiskey. It is now produced for Tullamore Dew Co. By the Irish Distillers Group at the Midleton Distillery Co. Cork.
Tullamore Due is probably the grainiest and least Irish of the popular Irish Whiskeys, with its smooth sweet flavour it makes a good aperitif. It has also been featured in MMO games and other video games as some form of in-game advertising, whether as billboards or characters drinking it in game.
Black Bush Irish Whiskey Black Bush

Now Owns by the Pernod Ricard group and part of the Irish Distillers Group Bushmills Distillery promotes itself as being the Oldest licensed Distillery in the World, remembered by the year of 1608 being displayed on every bottle produced.
Black Bush is a premier blended whiskey with a malty nose whose nutty flavours are rounded off by a sherry sweet finish.
Green Spot Irish Whisky Green Spot

Distilled by John Jameson & Son for Mitchell & Son Green Spot pot still has been produced since the turn of the 19th century. It is currently the only brand produced and sold under name specifically for an independent wine merchant in Ireland. The last from a range of "Coloured Spot" whiskeys.
A hard to find whiskey, It is a rich and complex pot still whisky notable for an abundance of pot still character
16 Year Old Bushmills Malt Bushmills 16 Year old Single Malt

A new addition to the stable of Bushmills whiskey this offering was first released in the 1996. Notable for its "Three wood finish" (referring to the fact that the whiskey has been influenced by three different types of cask during the maturation process.
An excellent malt whiskey and a must for any connoisseur. A rich whiskey with subtle sweetness not to be missed.
Bushmills Origional Irish Whisky
Bushmills Original
No one knows for certain just how old Bushmills "Original" or "White Bush" as it is sometimes known, has been available. The Old Bushmill Distillery lost most of its records during the war when their offices were burned. It is the best known of the Bushmills brands.
A blended light fresh bodied whiskey with a pleasant malty sweet finish.
Paddy Old Irish Whisky Paddy Old Irish Whisky

Produced by the Cork Distillers Company Paddy old Irish Whiskey carried the rather unwieldy name of "Cork Distilleries Company Old Irish Whiskey" It was renamed after Paddy Flaherty a sales rep for the company. Another Blend from the Irish Distillers Group.
Paddy Old Irish Whiskey is Light and fresh being one of the softest of all Irish Whiskeys due to the low percentage of pot still content.
John Powers Irish Whisky John Powers

John Powers and sons began production in 1791 in 1886 they were one of the first to start to bottle their whiskeys until then almost all drinks were sold from the barrel. Powers is probably the No1 Irish whiskey sold in Ireland. Originally a pure pot still it is now produced at the Midleton Distillery in Co. Cork as a blend of pot still and grain whiskeys
Power's is an Irish favourite with its fruity and spicy flavours giving way to a long lingering finish.
Locke's Irish Whisky
Locke's Irish Whisky
Made by the Distillery at Kilbeggan. Although distilling began in 1757 Locke's Irish Whiskey is named after the 19th century family who took over the running of the Distillery in Kilbeggan in 1843. The Distillery finally closed in the early 1950's an was literally turned into a pigsty. Today it is managed by the Kilbeggan Development Association
Locke's is a smooth quality blended whiskey, its malty sweet taste being complemented by dryer fresh notes.
It is hoped to Increase this list to cover all Irish whiskeys currently in Production.....Come back soon

Bushmills Whiskey    Drinking Irish Whiskey    Whiskey in Ireland   
Making Whiskey (Irish Vs Scotch)     Irish Whiskey Gift Set

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